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Creating a Container for Growth

  Last April I decided not to buy any clothes for an entire year.  Let me tell you how it all came about. In the spring I made a commitment to my business.  I realized that I am in a relationship with my business and that relationship needed a bit of an overhaul.  I had […]

Being a Believer

I have a client who is not a believer.  She doesn’t believe in herself.  She doesn’t see her own beauty, she is blind to her gifts- both the girts she receives from life and the gift that she herself is to the world.  Things are dark for her.  By not seeing herself, she has made […]

spaghetti legs

Recently I have been overwhelmed. I’m sure you know how it feels.  Just when you think things can’t get busier, they do and then they get busier again. It’s all great stuff, I’m in a place of taking in a lot of new information, learning a ton of new skills every day, connecting with lots […]

Looking for Love

One of the places I feel alive and aligned is in the woods.  I love to wrangle my dog Isa and head for the trees.  There’s a little nature area by my house called McCaig, it can’t be more than 100 acres.  There are a few paths that loop around and if I run them […]

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise  ( Svarga-dvijāsana) is a pretty complex pose.  You have to fold yourself in half, bind, stand on one leg and then miraculously lift yourself up so you are standing on one leg.  The pose requires flexibility, experience and strength.  There is a point for me when I am entering the pose where I hit […]

Mama stay

Many years ago, when our 17-year-old daughter started taking yoga at the age of 3, I asked her what she liked about the class.  She looked up at me and said, “I like the part at the end of class when we put our hands together and we say ‘Mama stay’”. Then she buried her […]