Being a Believer

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I have a client who is not a believer.  She doesn’t believe in herself.  She doesn’t see her own beauty, she is blind to her gifts- both the girts she receives from life and the gift that she herself is to the world.  Things are dark for her.  By not seeing herself, she has made herself invisible to the world.  And when she looks around she sees that she doesn’t have a lot of believers.  She is not surprised by this. Why should she have believers when she is sure there is nothing to believe in.  She is at an energetic flat line.  This client is living a classic vicious circle.   She doesn’t see herself, so no one sees her, so she knows she must be invisible because no one sees her.  Like any good traveler on the sea of life who happens upon a whirlpool, she can’t see a way out.

The first step in rescuing herself from this maelstrom  is asking for help.  We live in a do-it-yourself culture when in fact some things are beyond the scope of The Home Depot.  Sometimes it’s essential to pull out the fog horn and send out an SOS.  This was her courageous first step-asking for help.

Once she asked for help the task at hand was identifying where she is.  It’s easy to skip this step, to plow through and try to fix, to move on, to overcome. Our society is action oriented. We are better at doing than we are at being. So the practice here, the stretch, is to be with what is.   It’s just like when Google Maps asks to use your current location, you have to agree to this.  You can’t move forward unless you know where you are.  And it can be scary to pull out the flashlight and look around, to make the space to be with what is.  Together we created a safe space for her to delve into where she is. What’s the climate here? What’s the landscape? How does it feel to be here?  What’s the energy of this place?

Often when your down here, being with what is, the client finds a life line.  It’s the impulse to come up for breath, to move toward the light, to regain equilibrium. It’s our natural impulse, physical and spiritual, to align ourselves with who we are and who we are becoming. And this is where she turned the corner and started to become a true believer, in herself.



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