Looking for Love

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One of the places I feel alive and aligned is in the woods.  I love to wrangle my dog Isa and head for the trees.  There’s a little nature area by my house called McCaig, it can’t be more than 100 acres.  There are a few paths that loop around and if I run them through a few times I can get 3 or 4 miles in.  Isa ends up running at least twice as far in her enthusiasm for the event.  McCaig is beautiful with it’s wandering creeks.  It looks entirely new to me every time I go there.
A few years ago I ran into an older man there with his even older dog. The man was stooped over on the path, picking something up.  I stopped and asked him what he was doing.  He blushed a bit and told me that he was picking up a heart shaped rock.  He told me there was a bevy of walkers who scan the ground for heart shaped rocks and lean them carefully up against the roots and trunks of trees.  Now it was my turn to blush at my own obliviousness.  I thanked him for his effort and ran along.  It wasn’t long before I spotted a tiny heart shape rock nestled at the foot of a tree, and a few paces later, there was another one. Gratitude and admiration swelled up in me like tandem waves. Gratitude for the work of these walkers who seek out love and place the hearts carefully as a reminder for the rest of us.  And admiration for these fellow travelers who are consciously looking for signs of  love.
Just the other day as I was running through these same woods I passed the same old man and his old dog.  I called out a quick hello and as  I looked down I saw a beautiful heart shaped rock as big as my hand.  I leaned down to pick it up and placed it carefully in a vee where two branches joined the trunk.  I placed it rIght at eye level so others can look at it and remember love.
When you rise from your bed, or enter your child’s  room in the morning, or set out for a run in the woods, what are you seeking out?
There is power in consciously atuning ourselves, choosing not only to pay attention but to actually seek out goodness.  We can choose to pay attention to what isn’t right in the world or we can choose to pay attention, to listen out, for hope, for beauty, for love.

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  1. Becky

    Rosy! This is Beautiful! What a wonderful moment to encounter in the woods and in ourselves. Who we are BEing and what we are seeking is so important to those we love and to our greater world. Welcome to Evolve! May all those you touch always be seeking from the heart….

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