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Many years ago, when our 17-year-old daughter started taking yoga at the age of 3, I asked her what she liked about the class.  She looked up at me and said, “I like the part at the end of class when we put our hands together and we say ‘Mama stay’”. Then she buried her head in my leg and gave my leg a tiny bear hug.My husband and I have smiled many times, over the years, remembering her interpretation of Namaste.I have done a lot of staying, or Mama Stay, over the years, raising our 4 kids. I stayed through the elation and the identity crisis that comes with becoming a new mother.  I stayed through the giggles and snuggles and the tantrums, the boredom that comes after a long rainy day with small children.  It’s been only recently, over the past few years, that we have come out the other end of attachment parenting and seen the strong, loving, confident kids that emerge as a result of all that staying.

A few years ago I attended an amazing yearlong leadership program design by The Coaches  Training Institute, where I did my coach training.  The experience was transformational and exhilarating, in a sustained way-I still feel it!  One of the leadership skills we learned was ‘Stay’.  Stay when you make a mess and say the wrong thing, stay when things are sticky or awkward, stay through the tedium and delight of parenting, stay.

My most recent experience with stay has been in creating Evolve Coaching for Yogis.  I stayed through the ups and downs of birthing myself into this next phase.  I stayed through the self-doubt, through the hours and hours of design, I stayed through the trepidation of actually investing money in my own ideas.  I stayed because I am committed to expressing myself in the world and Evolve Coaching for Yogis is a vehicle for my own self-expression.  And I stayed because I am inspired and committed to  my purpose: helping people to recognize their own magnificence and to express themselves fully-to self-actualize.

It’s in our very nature to strive toward self-actualization.   What would it be like if everyone had full permission to be them selves, to live out loud and impact the world in a positive way?  Just thinking about it takes my breath away.

Take a moment to scan the horizon of what Mary Oliver has called ‘your one wild and precious life’.  Where are you being called to stay?


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  1. Clare Sautter

    I love this question! I have written on my desk “focus 15”, which reminds me to focus for just 15 minutes on what I’m thinking about instead of abandoning the thought when I can’t think it through or I don’t like the answer or I get bored!!!

  2. Kay Furman

    LOVE this Rosy! The “stay” is a quiet and peaceful way to show up hugely and powerfully in one’s life! Thanks.

  3. Jill Magerman

    Whoo Hoo! Your stake is in! Your writing is great and it feels like it is straight from your heart. Can’t wait to see how this evolves!

  4. Coach Joanne

    I LOVE it too, Rosy. What a great first blog. You’ve got me inspired. Nice work. Touching…mama stay…

  5. Lisa

    Congrats Rosy on this new blog! I laughed out loud at the cuteness of Mama stay….out of the mouths of babes!
    As for me, I can so related to being called to stay in the pause I have taken these past six months. I am so grateful for the rich learning that is happening, and I know that whatever is coming will be well worth the stay!
    Best to you with Evolve Coaching for Yogis!

  6. Elizabeth C. Hechtman

    We all learn how to hit the road, get out, cut and run but you lay out the profound power of staying. I love this message. And I am so happy you are bringing your vision to the world. We need it. Stay the course.
    Much love and congratulations,

  7. Trish Petersen

    The practice of “stay” is both simple and powerful. Kind of ironic that it’s the only way to evolve. Love that you chose this topic to launch your blog. I look forward to reading more Rosy!

  8. Cara Bradley

    Fantastic. I don’t think I will ever be able to say “Namaste” without thinking of “Mamma Stay” again. I am so excited to be along side of you as you evolve into this new phase.

  9. Pauline

    What a great testimony to ‘stay’. Congrats on this blog and especially on your work with Evolve Coaching for yogis!! Can’t wait to hear about your success. Stay, stay, stay! Much love!

  10. Mariann Boston

    I love how you connect yoga the power of STAY such a static word with such dynamic meanings…
    STAY a time for both a parent and child,
    I have lived a similar journey but have never expressed or connected it to the idea of one expression one word “STAY” such a small word but so very powerful.
    Thank You for sharing

  11. Christine

    Thank you for including me on your blog Rosy – your thoughts were beautifully stated….. The question of “stay” for me is especially relevant at this point in time with what is going on in my life. I’m thrilled that you’ve connected to your purpose and are pursuing it all the way……I look forward to hearing more from you!

  12. Elinor Ball

    Wow….Thank you for this, Rosy, and thanks to my friend Mariann Boston for putting me in touch with this blog and you. And it doesn’t surprise me at all that I see Cara’s name here…my new yoga teacher at Verge….because that is the way life is… connected…. we will see this if we STAY long enough to notice…. Good luck to you in this endeavor. I will be reading!

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